How the Internet Has Changed Communication

Before the internet, the only way to communicate with someone is face to face or over the phone. If you had to write to someone, you had to send a mail over to their place. We were content with that. However, we look back at it now, we are pretty limited.

Now, the internet has somewhat merged the three forms of communication together. Instead of mailing a letter, a lot of people email each other. It is a lot quicker than the other way. A lot of people now communicate through texts. Now, thanks to Skype, you can have video chats over the internet with.Social Networking has contributed a lot to this change. A lot of friends are keeping up with each other on platforms like Facebook. The internet has also gone mobile. You now have phones that are computers which can surf the web and communicate through various methods.

The internet has revolutionized a lot in the world. Communication is one medium that has definitely been influenced by the invention of the internet. A lot of people can stay in touch with each other even if they move miles apart from each other thanks to the World Wide Web.

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